Your wedding day is quickly approaching. You've already secured the venue, found the perfect dress that makes you feel like a princess and hired the photographer to capture your memories as the day unfolds. Ah, but let's not forget an important tradition.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”  These are symbols of good luck for the bride to carry on her wedding day. The saying comes from a collection of late 19th century English customs. The 'something old' and 'something blue' was believed to ward off Evil Spirits. Back in the day, something blue usually took the form of the garter the husband was to remove on the wedding night. Since the ultimate curse of the Evil Spirits is for the woman to become infertile, the something borrowed was commonly a pair of underwear lent to the bride by a woman who had given birth to children. This was to transfer her fertility to the newlywed. I’m so glad the tradition has evolved over the centuries. Almost all the traditions have remained respected in most countries, with the exception of the “silver sixpence in her shoe," which remains primarily an English tradition and isn’t often heard of in the west.

Each item carried by the bride has taken on a different meaning as traditions have developed over the years. 

'Something old' represents family continuity and the respect we have for our family. So if your something old is related to your family or ancestors, you’re winning already.  Examples of something old could be, hair pins or brooches, a garter or veil, an old picture, or even inherited wedding rings. Also, brides who wear their mother’s wedding dresses automatically have this category down!

'Something new' is meant to represent the couple and the future they have together. This one is a no-brainer. Brides spend a lot of time shopping for their wedding day and are guaranteed to have this one covered. If this tradition is important to you, choose an object that personally reflects your hopes of a long and happy future with your partner.

'Something borrowed' serves the belief that the object may pass happiness on to the bride to be. It’s common to borrow something from a family member or dear friend that is happily married, serves as a role model and inspires you. Since you’ll have to return the item, it’s a good idea to not get too attached to it.

'Something blue' reflects trust, loyalty, intellect, wisdom, confidence and faith. These are all the things you will need to learn and practice in your marriage. Choosing something blue could be as simple as adding blue flowers to your bouquet, a ribbon or sash to your dress or a blue garter on your leg.

Hopefully, I've helped guide you in finding your "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." As you're searching for these items, think about family and what's important to you, that way everything you wear on your wedding day will be special. Your wedding photographer should ask if either of you have any items that have special meaning to you that will be used in the ceremony or reception. Any items that have special meaning should be photographed so that memory can be preserved as art in an album.

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