This outdoor photography session, appropriately on-location at Oklahoma City’s Myriad Gardens,  celebrated a myriad of milestones for returning clients  Lane and Kearsten Westmoreland.

These outgoing jokesters and dog lovers used this milestone photography session as a vehicle to celebrate the big 3-OH for both of them, and though Sadie, Tobey, and Duke are clearly their furever furbabies, the real puppy love was obviously between Lane and Kearsten, still laughing, joking, smiling, and in love on their tenth wedding anniversary.   

Outdoor photography venues are a popular request in Oklahoma, and amid milder fall weather, Oklahoma City’s Myriad Gardens never fails as an awesome  outdoor on-location shoot. It says, “fun;” it says, “home;” it says, “outdoors in Oklahoma.”  

A photograph is snapshot in time, but it tells a story much deeper.  This milestone session captures turning thirty and marks ten years of marriage; it also a brief shot of  ceremonial grandeur for  Kearsten,  who just received a PhD in pharmacology from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma. 

The ten year journey of marriage, tireless work, studying, goal setting, mind changing, growing up together---the photograph is so much deeper than the paper on which it is printed.  

Congratulations Lane and Kearsten (and to Sadie, Tobey, and Duke--my how you’ve grown!) on a life well done, on a journey peppered with milestones yet a journey just begun.  I hope you enjoyed your outdoor session at Oklahoma City’s Myriad Gardens, and I hope you look at your photographs for years to come and remember the journey behind moment in time.