The torrential rain has finally stopped and the flooding has subsided. The sun is shining and the Oklahoma heat wave has arrived. With that comes the beautiful green grass, trees are full of leaves and people are buzzing around enjoying all the outside activities.

I recently did a session for a gorgeous family in the Myriad Gardens Park. This family of 5 oozes love and they know how to have fun and aren’t afraid to show it. We had a ton of fun and laughed a lot as each of their personalities came thru, mom was making sure the girls had lip gloss, dad was taking selfies with Nikon and brother was waiting on bubble gum after the session. This is why I love this job. When you're able to catch the pure love, joy, laughter and emotions of their relationships. Every family needs to have pictures to decorate their walls, to share with their families near and far and to share with their future generations.

Mom and dad just celebrated their anniversary and I was beyond excited that I was asked to take their portraits.  They'll have new portraits on their walls in no time and mom and dad will have updated pictures for their desks at work.

When was the last time you updated your portraits for walls at home or your desks? Do you have an anniversary coming up? What a great time to update your pictures.

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