I often second shoot for other photographers through out the year. There are many benefits to this for the primary photograph as well as for the second shooter. Assisting my colleagues so they can capture all the important memories, emotions and details for their client is the primary goal, this allows them to have a well rounded album. Second shooters can capture different perspectives of the day, such as emotions, reactions and actions which will add nicely to their day. It's always good to have a second set of eyes to catch little things that can go unnoticed, for example, phones in pockets, twisted hems, even hair that is entwined in an earring. It also allows for more coverage, both photographers can be in different locations at the same time. For example the primary photographer can be photographing the bride getting ready while the second shooter is documenting the groom getting ready. Having a second photographer can also serve as a backup in the event gear fails, the second can fill in for the primary while changing out gear should theirs fail, let's hope this never happens, but we all know Murphy's law, if it can happen it will.  You never know when a "moment" will happen and you want to be sure to capture it.

Just a thought as I prepare to second shoot this next weekend. Here are a few images of me second shooting. Enjoy.